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How to engage customers in a pandemic crisis and keep the growth of the dealerships? DD9 had the opportunity to work with a car brand and help them create a new digital brand experience

The problem

Dealerships closed, and the sales must go on. So how to engage users on digital with the same experience quality on stores?

What do users want to experience online?
Which channels are better for every cluster of users?
How to create a 1on1 conversation with my clients and keep a high-quality post-sales service?

The solution

Analyzing the big data, we were able to cluster customers and predict which channels and communications users are more interested in

Custom audience marketing activation
Better understand on which media channel performs better
Higher engagement in a Test & Control market research

3x sales improvement in Digital and 2x on Stores

Big Data analyzis

Big data research

Connect the dots with your actual data and enhance your market intelligence to increase sales and post-sales performance


Leverage your customer-centric approach using their footprints in your digital ecosystem.
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