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How DD9 helped a large consumer goods manufacturer to analyze their app engagement and understand the user behavior and propose a better experience

The problem

After developing its new mobile application, the company realized that there were blank spots in which executives and marketers had difficulties in making decisions that impacted their ability to innovate and scale. For example, they couldn’t answer essential questions, including:

How is my audience engaging with my app?
What kind of audience engages the most with my app?
What features of my app is my audience the least engaged with?

The solution

Using custom-tailored event tracking in partnership with Google Firebase and Appsflyer, our team was capable of collecting data from a React Native app (IOS and Android), storing it in a Google Big Query environment, and Analyzing it in a customized Google Analytics real-time Dashboard.

Custom audience marketing activation
Better understand which media channel performs best.
We ensure your business can effectively and efficiently make UX (User Experience) updates based on data to analyze your app engagement, understand user behavior, and create a better experience.

46% more engagement and 80% less cost per user acquisition

Tracking user engagement

Easily measure how users interact with your brand and products

Collect and analyze the WHAT, HOW, and WHEN your customers engage or comment about your product or brand and enhance your P&D.


Leverage your customer-centric approach using their footprints in your digital ecosystem.
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